our vision

Tribe…. my concept, my dream and no one understands the name! Most people look at me funny, repeat the name back to me (they must have misunderstood) or my favorite… the quiet, uncomfortable pause. It doesn’t phase me though, let me explain. I have a very clear vision of an all inclusive tribe of kick ass creatives at the top of their game working hard to service the Metro Detroit area. We will bring beauty, creativity and inspiration through educational classes, workshops, pop up shops and community enrichment events.

who we are

We are here to support to the creative entrepreneur. It can be lonely, boring and even more BORING to work by yourself day after day from home. I wish in my career that I had love and support from other creatives just to tell me they understand my vision or just to give me some constructive feedback. I’m here to offer my support and a place to share your work, photograph your product, meet with clients, collaborate and network. Tribe was designed with my creative friends in mind. How many conversations started with “if we only had a place to…(fill in the blank)”? Let Tribe solve that problem, we are here to meet your needs. I’m so looking forward to meeting you during one of our open work sessions where you can pop in and work in the company of other amazing people…. why go at it alone when you can hang with your tribe?

my background

My background is in interior design…. I’m a wife and mother of four, and I’m used to juggling 1000 plates at a time so bring it on. I love to create beautiful things from conception to completion. Although interior design is my passion I have others. I adore great photography but don’t have the patience to wait for that great shot, I’m crazy about art but nope, wasn’t blessed with that talent. Love to eat and look at beautiful food yet cooking is not my forte. I get excited creating beautiful events but don’t want to deal with the nitty gritty on the daily and do not get me started on my obsession with flowers……. it’s truly love hate. Although these professions are not for me, I want to be surrounded and inspired by all of it. I believe that we can accomplish so much more working together instead of trying to navigate on our own.