What Is It?

A partnership in custom content creation between Alyssa Leffler Photography, Christina Brillati of Tribe Detroit and Rachele Wright of Wright Outcomes. We’ve come together to find an efficient and effective solution for one of the biggest problems facing small businesses today – creating content for your business or brand. With so much involved in showing up on social media, staying up to date with marketing efforts, and wanting to create the perfect look and feel for your branding efforts, Snap Social Solve is here to quickly set those worries aside!

How Does It Work?

The original Snap Social Solve was designed to get you in and out within 2 hours, and back to what matters most for your business and brand. Before your session, you’ll receive a thorough questionnaire to determine the look, feel, and flow of your entire experience in order to maximize the time and get you the content you’re looking for.

During the first hour of your session, you will meet with Alyssa and Christina to create stunning shots of whatever your business needs to stand out – lifestyle photography, flat lays, portraits, you name it! You are encouraged to bring as many props or elements of your business into this session to make your photography unique, but are also welcome to the vast collection of props at the Tribe Detroit studio. While Alyssa is taking the photos, Christina will be putting together styled concepts behind the scenes, which helps you walk away with anywhere from 30-60 perfectly curated shots that you can use as you wish within your business.

The second hour of your session will be spent with Rachele doing a deep dive into your digital marketing needs. Here you’ll work together on caption concepts, go through lists of curated hashtags for your business and brand, setup and systemize scheduling and automation tools, and any other specific needs for your business.

You’ll walk out of your session with your photography and marketing solutions in your inbox ready to be used! If there are any specific needs that occur during your photography or marketing session, all additional content will be delivered to you within a 24-hour timeframe of your session.

When Can I Sign Up?

To view the upcoming Snap Social Solve sessions offered at Tribe Detroit visit the events page. Snap Social Solve sessions can also be provided at your business location for a more branded concept. Please see the second page for more details about our breakdown of options to suit your specific needs.

At Tribe Detroit | $300

A 2 hour session at Tribe Detroit that includes 1 hour of custom photography and 1 hour of custom digital marketing strategy and social media curation. You will have access to Tribe’s curated collection of props and backdrops, and are free to bring in as much of your own materials as well. You can expect to receive between 30-60 photos depending on the style and flow of your session. All photography will be delivered to you no later than 24 hours after your session for immediate use.

Please visit the events page for open dates and times offered on a monthly basis.

At Your Business | $600

We bring our Snap Social Solve event to your business or desired location!

The process starts with a 1 hour custom photography session with Alyssa and Christina, including lighting and additional requested prop equipment brought to best suit the needs of your space and brand. You can expect to receive between 30-60 photos depending on the style and flow of your session. All session details include day, time, and preparation requirements will be determined at least 1 week before your session. All photography will be delivered to you no later than 24 hours after your session and can be used for immediate use.

The 2nd hour of your session will include a specific time with Rachele to put your new photography to work for your marketing needs and social media platforms. Areas such as strategy, set up, caption prompts, hashtag suggestions, and more will be put together for you to easily reference and understand in order for you to make the best use out of all of the amazing new content you received during your photoshoot. This time does not necessarily need to happen immediately following your photoshoot, and can be scheduled anytime after at your convenience.

Dates and times for the At Your Business package are subject to availability and demand.

To get started with scheduling a Snap Social Solve event at your business please contact Christina at christina@tribedetroit.com

Please keep in mind that photography offered within the realm of Snap+Social+Solve are in-camera shots with very limited editing. You are welcome to edit and use these shots however you wish, without giving credit to Alyssa Leffler Photography.