What is Snap + Social + Solve?

A partnership in custom content creation between Alyssa Leffler Photography, Christina Brillati of Tribe Detroit and Rachele Wright of Wright Outcomes. We’ve come together to find an efficient and effective solution for one of the biggest problems facing small businesses today – creating content for your business or brand. With so much involved in showing up on social media, staying up to date with marketing efforts, and wanting to create the perfect look and feel for your branding efforts, Snap Social Solve is here to quickly set those worries aside!


When Can I Sign Up?

To view the upcoming Snap Social Solve sessions offered at Tribe Detroit visit the events page. Snap Social Solve sessions can also be provided at your business location for a more branded concept. Please see the second page for more details about our breakdown of options to suit your specific needs.

Please keep in mind that photography offered within the realm of Snap+Social+Solve are in-camera shots with very limited editing. You are welcome to edit and use these shots however you wish, without giving credit to Alyssa Leffler Photography.

How Can I Book a Private Session?

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